Stacey's published books are written to show young people they can face life challenges successfully, through determination and resilience. 

 Priscilla's Homecoming Across The Sea  (Non-Fiction) 

The true life story of how ten-year old Priscilla survived her kidnapping from a village in Sierra Leone, Africa.  She was sold into slavery in 1756 to a rice plantation owner name Elias Ball.  He kept meticulous records of all his property, and it's through this papertrail we get a glimpse into the life of this brave little girl.  Be inspired to learn how Priscilla became an ancestress to over seventy-five thousand people. It took over two hundred years for Priscilla to symbolically make her journey back home. 

BODY OF MUSIC  (Fiction)


Melody is a girl from New York born from music.  Her father is a musician in a salsa band and her mother is a background R&B singer.  Her paternal grandparents traveled through Puerto Rico as part of a dance troupe. She loves music but cannot bring herself to sing publicly.  Her grandparents are having a huge anniversary party and Melody wants to give them the gift of her singing.  She thinks she is ready but when the big day arrives can she overcome her fear?